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Gift Guide for the Space Enthusiast

Gift Guide for the Space Enthusiast

By Sophie Hecht from the Space FoamTM team

Hear ye hear ye! Come one, come all! The moment you have all been waiting for! It is finally here! The holiday season!

A time filled with family and friends, hot chocolate and warm cookies, snowball fights and movie nights. The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer, which means, we here at Space Foam, have been stargazing a little bit too much. With all that we have learned about outer space, we are here to share with you are very first Gift Guide for the Space Enthusiast. These “affordable yet adorable” presents are perfect for the aspiring astronaut, the stargazer, the scientist, and anyone in between.

        1. A necessary gadget for aspiring astronauts. But what’s that? It’s reasonably priced too? This telescope will show you the world without breaking your wallet. Buy it here.
        2. Check out this NASA Long Sleeve T-Shirt from Urban Outfitters. It’s the perfect combination of stylish and scientific. Who says astronaut’s can’t look cute too?
        3. This whole moon can be lassoed straight from outer space. Give this four-inch illuminating light to anyone to brighten up their desk or closet. Psst… it’s battery-rechargeable too.
        4. No telescope? No problem. Hang up this huge poster of the ultra deep galaxy in your room! Put it on the ceiling, floor, or wall, and fool all of your guests into thinking you may be hosting an alien for the holidays this year.
        5. One common thing astronauts say when they return back to earth is that outer space has a very distinct smell. Want to know what it is? Light up The Space Candle to experience a trip to outer space. No space suit required.
        6. Getting fed up with the cold? Stay inside and play this space themed Monopoly game! Don’t forget to collect $200 when you pass the Sun.
        7. The Hubble Cosmos celebrates 25 years of NASA’s Hubble Telescope. Explore brilliant images and a whole new understanding of the universe. Story time just got a whole lot better.
        8. Exploring the mysteries of outer space would not be possible without a good night’s rest. Doctor’s recommend at least eight hours a night. This is easy with our Space FoamTM pillow. Light, cool, and comfortable, the Space FoamTM pillow has everything you need to get an out-of-this-world sleep. Order yours here