Space Foam's Mission:

To make the best, most comfortable sleep products in the universe

Your temperature throughout the night has a big impact on the day’s performance and a cooler body temperature leads to deeper sleep. Sleeping in a hot environment increases wakefulness and decreases slow wave sleep. That’s why we’ve spent years of research developing cooling and comfortable bedding that will help you get more REMs at night and give you more energy during the day, guaranteed!

Why We Focus on Professional Grade Sleep

What started out as one hero pillow is growing into a range of sleep performance products to ensure everyone can get a cool, comfortable, deep sleep. Our cooling sleep technology is used by Pro Athletes, Olympians, Scientists, Astronauts, and You! A cool, deep sleep at night is the foundation of the day's performance.

How We Revolutionized Memory Foam

Memory foam products have been popular for years, but not without drawbacks, including trapping heat and being uncomfortably heavy. Our mission was to create a memory foam technology that had none of these problems that result in poor sleep. To achieve this, we created a new type of memory foam altogether: Space Foam. Designed and developed in the USA, Space Foam is 75% lighter than traditional memory foam with 5x better recovery and greater airflow. We also use less VOCs in the production of Space Foam™, making it much better for the environment than traditional memory foam products. Mission Accomplished!

Why Do We Call Our Company Space Foam™?

Space Foam™ is the only way to describe our product because it feels like it defies gravity. Our supportive foam is super lightweight, and the cooling cover is out of this world. Our whole team, from our scientists to our customer care gurus and designers are committed to helping our customers get the best possible sleep in the universe.

Our Promise to Customers: No Risk, Big Reward

We are so confident that you'll love our technology, and more than that, we are so excited for you to experience Space Foam™, that we are offering a 90 day sleep trial - with a money back guarantee. No frills, no tricks, and no fine print.