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Seven Sleep Tips For Holiday Travelers

Seven Sleep Tips For Holiday Travelers

By Sophie Hecht from the Space FoamTM team

Whether you are flying across the world for work or driving upstate to your in-laws for the weekend, adjusting to a different bed and different sleep schedule is never easy. Luckily, we at Space FoamTM, have made it easy for you to have the best sleep of your life no matter where you are with our new, cooling pillow. But if that’s not enough, here are seven tips for travelers in order to ensure a peaceful slumber no matter the location.

1. Modify your sleep:

We know how much you want to take a nap the day you arrive, but that will just make your jet lag worse in the long wrong. Instead, try to stay up until a time at which you would normally go to sleep to ensure that you sleep through the night and set an alarm in the morning so you don’t oversleep. This will ensure that you are energized for a productive first day.

2. Stay away from coffee:

It sounds backwards, but coffee will dehydrate you and ultimately leave you feeling more tired. Instead, try drinking water or seltzer to keep you feeling fresh and awake.

3. Plan your meals:

It is easy to lose track of time while abroad because of the different environment and activities. This leads people to eating meals at hours that their bodies are not used to, making them tired at unusual times of day. Try to eat your meals at the same time as you would back home to ensure that your digestive system adjusts to the new place. You don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night with nature calling

4. Don’t forget to exercise!

When people are abroad, they often get tied up in the new time zone and forget about their daily exercise. Working out is crucial to a good night's slumber. It induces a deeper sleep, increases sleep amount, and reduces stress and anxiety. Try to cut out at least half an hour every day for a healthy work out.

5. Sleep associate items:

Bringing along your favorite item that helps you sleep at home is not a bad idea. This could include a scented candle, a sound machine, or even your favorite pillow. Whatever helps you sleep in your own bed will help you sleep elsewhere.

6. Reduce stimuli:

It is important to minimize stimuli while you’re trying to sleep. This includes TV, computer, and phone time at least an hour and a half before bed-time. Try reading a book or magazine, or listening to soft, calming music.

7. Dress the part:

When you traveling, you should value comfort over fashion. If you know your flight or drive is going to be more than two hours long, opt for sweats and a tshirt as a opposed to that new cute skirt you bought. Trust us, your trip will be that much better.

At Space FoamTM, we feel like we’ve traveled throughout the Universe and it has not been easy. We made following these guidelines easy with our new Space FoamTM pillow, which provides out of this world comfort and the best sleep no matter the galaxy.